Do you always keep losing your hard work on your laptop? Probably due to power blackouts or computer malfunctions, or that hard drive or USB storage just isn’t sufficient for all those large files you have. Then cloud storage is the way to go. Cloud storage enables you to remotely manage, update and back up data over the internet or a network. With this service model, you can store as much data as you wish without the worry of damage or loss.

Purchase Storage as Needed

You can simply purchase the amount of storage based on your consumption on a monthly basis and pay for that or subscribe annually. There are a number of credible cloud storage providers used worldwide so you don’t have to worry about the risks or threats. Depending on your needs, you can choose between free limited, paid or business options for cloud storage. Some of the most popular providers include Dropbox, Google Drive, Media Fire, One Drive, ShareFile, and Amazon Cloud Drive Box.

Advantage of Cloud Storage

The beauty of cloud storage is it frees up your device’s storage creating even more room for you to work on other things. You can also rest assured that your data is safe and secure as only you can access it or those you’ve authorized in the network.

With common data in a network, this option offers an efficient way for people in business to work as a team. Cloud storage also allows a huge capacity of information to be stored in one place.

Data transfer on cloud storage is also rapid compared to USB and other devices.


However, the costs implications may be slightly high in long term storage especially for personalized storage as opposed to business options.

With cyber hacking and other online threats, sensitive information is at risk of getting leaked in public domains. It is also difficult to manage permissions and large data being accessed by a number of users at a go increasing the security risk.

Experts advise that you don’t store any personal files on cloud storage. In industries marred by rules and regulations, cloud storage may not be the most viable option.