Computers and phones came as a saviour in the data storage and computing realm. At first, they appeared to be completely reliable. This was before bad-intentioned people got the skill of hacking computers. This resulted to people and organizations losing personal data from their mobile phones and computers.

Information Technology experts have come up with methods to help protect stored information in our computers. Some of these new technologies had some demerits which the computer experts have tried to work on. Here are some things that have made news in data circles in the recent past.

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence

This technology has given computers the ability to learn from the daily activities that are undertaken in them. This has made it possible for computers to detect any breach much easier compared to humans. Computers also give a notification to the users about the breach and also try to counter it before any harm is done on computer data.

Use of Biometrics

This technology enables users to lock their information using their fingerprints. Only the user with the authorized biometric has the ability to access the stored data. It has become an integral part of many data security systems. Besides being unique, this model saves people the hassle of having to remember many passwords.

Biometrics keep improving, with facial recognition now taking a major role in data permissions.

Access of Data by Third parties

User security has become a concern not because of data getting stolen, but because of companies entrusted with such data allowing third parties to access it. Social media platform Facebook has particularly come under fire because of the said practice. The concern is so dire that some quarters are even proposing the closure of the app that revolutionized online interactions.

Many nations have reacted to this by creating new data protection laws. These laws came into effect in most parts of the world towards the end of 2018. As a result, most companies that operate online had to update their privacy policies to align them with the said laws. It is expected that the new regulations will give internet users greater control over how their personal information is used.