Data in small and large organizations needs to be stored safely to avoid damage or loss. Soft copy data is stored in computers and hard drives. To ensure the safety of the data, you are supposed to seek assistance from IT professionals to help come up with the best ways to store the information. Lost information may impact the activities of the company negatively. This article is, therefore, going to help you know the practices to avoid so that data cannot be damaged.


Information stored in hard drives will be corrupted and damaged in case of a computer virus attack. Antivirus protection on the data will prevent any kind of malware. Online attacks and computer threats are some of the actions that may put your data at the risk of loss or damage. Antivirus protection programs need to be updated regularly as advised by the IT personnel. The computers will also ask for updates if it is not up-to-date. If you are not keen on the antivirus protection, your data will be exposed to damage making it irrelevant.

Poor Security Practices

Data of any kind needs to be protected from landing on the wrong hands. This can be achieved by setting strong privacy passwords that cannot be easily guessed. If by any chance your data gets to the wrong person, it will get deleted leading to loss. This is controllable if you reduce the number of people who can access the information. Many people getting to the information is a risky practice since, in the case of loss or damage, you will not know who is responsible.

Not Having Back Up

In case the drives used to store information get damaged, the information will get lost. Data needs to be backed up in case it gets lost. Backups provide an alternative source of information in case the original data gets lost or it is damaged. The practice of not adopting a backup system will lead to permanent loss of data. Ways of backing up information include storing on cloud storage, external hard drives and also printing of the data. This will ensure your data will not be damaged or lost and in case of loss, you will have an alternative.

Spillage of Liquids on Computers

Data is mostly stored in computer drives and in case any drinks pour on the device, the information stored is going to get lost and damaged. You, therefore, should avoid using any drinks while operating your devices.