Computers and mobile phones have largely taken over most of the roles that were previously done manually. Most companies used to store information in well-arranged files. There then came computers which had a large memory which was capable of storing many files together. The computers attracted attention as they proved to be easier to retrieve information compared to manual storage.

Even with these advantages, the computers had one disadvantage. The computers were prone to losing data and could not recover it. Computer experts have continued to amaze us with their great intelligence as they have now found a new way to recover any lost or deleted data. Mobile phones have their own process to recover lost data too.

Go Slow on Usage

If you have lost valuable data that you would like recovered from your phone, it is advisable to reduce your phone usage so as to increase the potential of finding the deleted items.

Download and Install Recovery Software

One is supposed to download a data recovery software which is easily compatible with either Windows or Mac operating system. The first step is to launch the downloaded program. You should then connect your phone to the computer. One should also make sure that the USB debugging is enabled.

Scan For Lost Files

The second step is to scan the phone for the lost files. Here you give the program the go-ahead to analyze your phone. You have to give authorization through the phone for the process to take place.

Preview Recovered Data

The third step is to preview the recovered data from the phone. One can then choose to restore the data that one would wish to place back in the phone. This is a very easy method which can be done for all kinds of phones. Different kinds of phones may need different programs for the recovery process.

Computer Data Recovery

The method used to recover data from a computer is slightly different compared to that used for a phone. One can recover deleted files from the recycle bin if it is not completely out of the system. The other process is to use other software to recover the lost data. One should first download and launch a data recovery software. One should specify the place in the storage device to which you want to retrieve lost data. The second should be to scan the storage device. The final step in this process should be to preview the recovered data and choose the data you would like to like to recover.