Data is the most prevalent topic in online discussions today. In this internet age, everything that we use is stored as data. whatever you think of- IDs, financial information, work records, school work- name it, is stored in computers in the form of retrievable data.

As such, the security of data in computer and mobile devices is a key consideration when working with these devices. Convergence has made mobile phones as important as stationary computers, so they have to get as much priority when talking about protection.

This site looks at the entire data protection realm. It’s a resource that will help you keep your data safe by introducing you to new tools and practices that you should adopt. Some of the resourceful topics you will find here include:

How Mobile Phones Have Taken Over the Roles of Stationary Computers

The internet was initially synonymous with stationary computers. That is not the case anymore, as mobile phones have become miniature computers with just as much potential. Learn how and why the hand-held devices are replacing big computers in most roles.

How To Secure Your Data from Sudden Loss

Security begins with you. Even when your service providers are doing a lot to ensure you are safe, you have to play your part to increase security for your data. Learn more about that under this topic.

How You Can Recover Lost Mobile or Computer Data

Even with the utmost care, accidents do happen. In the event you lose your data, that should not be the end of it, especially if you had taken security measures. Learn how you can recover your data from a seemingly helpless situation.

Practices That Expose Your Data to Damage or Loss

You may be exposing your data to risk of damage with daily practices- unknowingly. Know what to avoid when dealing with your computer and mobile data.

Recent Trends in Mobile and Computer Data Security

You need to stay abreast of the current trajectory in data security. This topic puts you in the loop regards that important area.

Understanding Cloud Storage

Storage is a key factor in matters data security. Cloud storage, the latest model of storing data, is discussed herein detail.

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